Fresh Crop…

So it has been a long time coming for these shirts and this company and finally the steps to finalizing everything are underway.  The stigma that is placed on stoners is one of laziness, lack of ambition and drive, as well as a horrible clothing steeze.  But with the weed generation picking up more than ever, it’s time to change that.  The idea behind the first run of shirts was to just get the name out.  Propaganda.  Plaster the name and it is bound to make its way into someone’s head.  I hope this works…  Square one is where we are at and there is no where to go but up.  DROLIFE is not only words on a shirt or on some girl’s luscious ass, but a mindset.  Realize and recognize.  Pass the word around to the left.  DROFAM. Be a part of it.


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