Green Bay Trees Weekend…

There are two things that I will never look at the same after this weekend: J’s and Tapatio.  This weekend I saw some pretty rad things to say the least.  Everything from the THE PACKSHOW winning the superbowl to Tapatio going places it has never been before.

Start: Sunday afternoon after a nice relaxing sesh I was good and faded.  Cruised on down to Taco Bell and got a bundle of burritos and tacos and went to the house.  My ladyfriend, Stella James, was doing a little photo shoot with some of her female counterparts and for some wild reason I thought they would chow down on bean burritos in the process.  Needless to say I had a surplus of Taco Bell all to myself.  So as I was scarfing down the goodness, I was also able to spectate on some scandalous photo sets of TNA.  I was in stoner heaven.  Munching to a beautiful scene that I will not soon forget. As the shoot moved outside, I broke the trees out and it was glorious.  (Sorry East Coasters but Cali’s Februaries are 80 with a slight breeze. ) All the while the homegirl, Tayte, was prepping for an experience that would be a first for her and those watching.  Tapatio was being lubed up and it was on…Did she just bang herself with Tapatio? YES and it was rad.  That was definitely something on my bucket list.  But was even better than that was the 3 girl set involving bubbles and a chihuahua.  Two topless girls and the ever-so-beautiful Stella James tickled my fancy to no avail as I was sitting up in the clouds.

The clothes were back on and it was time to finally get on with the Super Bowl!  Stacked with large amounts of weed and enough blunts to take the crew to the moon plus a 12 pack of Mike’s (for the cottonmouth, not a bitch drink).  We missed about 3/4 of the game because we were too busy smokin on these blunts but we did get all the good moments in!  The YoungBucks will always win…

End: With a new zig-zag roller and some Rizla’s it was time to wind down the weekend and get ready  to heavygrind the work week.  The Rizla black liquorice rolling papers looked way dope because they came out in a wood grained, almost black color.  However, the gum did not stick as well as I had hoped but if let dry they did the trick just fine.  I have now discovered the joy of joints!  My skepticism was cured as soon as I realized the convenience and dank factor.  I’m halfway done with the papes not even 24 hours in!

I hope whoever finds themselves reading this has enjoyed it and will come back again.  High all the time, live the life.  Take a rip to this.  Twist Trees DROFAM.


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