Keeping my head in the clouds

It seems like all around us people are going crazy in one way or another.  You better tighten that screw it’s been loose for a long time.  Everything from some crazy Egyptians running around in counterproductive chaos to adults dropping responsibilities because they do not know how to keep their pockets fat.  That is besides the point,however, because we don’t give into that BULLSHIT!  We live the Drolife, full of tasteful indulgences.  Cars, women, retiring early and not to mention WEED are all things DRO and all the things that matter.

New endeavors are on the horizon and the DROLIFESTYLE Webstore is now officially up and running.  Please take a look and feedback is always welcome.  Check out the store, maybe pick up a few things because it would be greatly appreciated.  Support the movement, support the life.

So many new things are in the works for upcoming collections and swag.  It’s the little things that count sometimes so believe it that there will be some stoner tools and gadgets introduced.  The Blue Dream Scheme was the intro and to get the name out, now it’s time to get serious and go big with it.  Men and Women will be taken care with some fresh new designs and styles.  Keep your eyes open.  There’s nowhere to go but up for us.

Please spread the word, it is greatly appreciated.  DROFAM got the defensive and offensive.

Tasteful Indulgences
Tasteful Indulgences


Like I said…

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