Birdman puts his money where his mouth is!


Birdman is taking $5,000,000 of that so fresh but not so clean YMCMB money and throwing it down big on the New England Patriots in this 2012 Super Bowl.  Last year it is said that he wagered $4,000,000 on the Green Bay Packers in last years Super Bowl…and won.  Could he double his streak this time around?  The DroLife news team headed out to get the opinion of both sports handicappers and bookies alike…here’s what we got:

Anon Bookie #1:

Q:  How do you feel about players like Birdman?  The ones that despite their normal seasons go HUGE on big events like the Super Bowl?

A:  “As a sportsbook, any sportsbook, you get your mix of both the good and the bad.  You kinda have to take a chance with guys like this because it can pan out only 1 of 2 ways.  Either they win or lose.  Rarely would you have a player break even.  I, personally, can’t let myself get caught up in the emotional stress aspect of it because when it boils down to the root of this business, it is all about the math.  I love to see clients win when they have had a bad week or a bad year, and I also love to see clients lose because, naturally, I do it for the money.  I was happy to see Birdman win big last year of course because it wasn’t off of me, but regardless, in handicapping you have a 50/50 shot so maybe this year the house will see itself $5 mil happier.  The second you start wanting something to happen in the game, the exact opposite will happen.”

So now that we know how the house feels about this, let’s see how the players feel about it…

Sports Handicapper #1:

Q:  Birdman is posting tweets about a $5 million wager on New England for the Super Bowl…do I even need to ask how you feel about this?

A:  “Eh fuck em.  Too many gamblers out there that post just as much over the course of a year or even months to mind that flashy bullshit.  Maybe I’m saying that out of jealousy because I could definitely use that money to pay my debts from last year’s Bowl. (slight chuckle)  It’s just an insane amount of money to be putting down on a team that got spanked by the Giants earlier this season.  The Pats are fucking amazing but from a handicapper’s view I have no fucking idea how this game is going to play out.  I think he might have over played his luck on this one.  My only wonder is if he is really going to pay up if he loses.”

Well, it seems like it all just comes down to luck with a gamble like this.  We will see how it turns out for the king of Hip-Hop money but either way I can imagine his in-game experience being intesified more than we can ever imagine.

Gambling for people like Birdman or any other big time hustler, exec, agent, or anything is using disposable income.  However it is easy to get caught up over your head, chasing and chasing for your money only to lose most if not all of it.  If you know someone that has a gambling problem get them help before they lose it all, but if you know someone that has the means to gamble then hell get in on their action!



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