Finding our way…

How do we find our way in life?  How do we know which path is right for us?  How do we know if this LIFE is right for us?  On this Saturday, I would like all DroLifers to think about this.  I know that there are people out there that are feeling stagnant, bored, or just useless.  I admit, I feel that way too at times and after going through the feeling of being a bump on a log for far too long, it is time to brainstorm and make our ways in this world.  We don’t need to follow footsteps, we need to make them.  The type of imprints in wet cement, that will be there forever.  Not the imprints in wet sand that will be washed away by the next crashing wave.  Meaning this:

1) Build your empire on a foundation of rock:  The first start to making something meaningful for yourself and worthwhile to your pockets is in your mind.  Do not let yourself get bogged down by the stresses that come with multi tasking and making things happen by yourself.  Instead, understand the importance of having a sound mind and a sound and efficient thought process.


2) Great minds think alike:  BRAINSTORM.  Share with us.  Share with anyone that will listen!  Get your ideas out there without revealing everything and see what people have to say.  Any feedback is good feedback and that is what you want right?  You want to know if what your are doing is something people will follow and attempt but not succeed at replicating.  The mindset of the youth today is to make things from the ground up.  To build a Kingdom, an Empire.

3) JUST FUCKING DO IT: You will never know until you try.  Interpret that as you want.

Please share your experiences with us at Dro Lifestyle.  Share your ideas.  We want to gather everyone up over a blunt, a dab, a snap, anything and share our ideas to make this world work for US.  Creativity is the only thing that can keep us ahead of the curve.  When you get a melting pot of different ideas, opinions, and resources…the unimaginable can be achieved.


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