Question how to question…

Truth is…it is very easy to question the order of things.  Almost anyone with the slightest desire for knowledge can bring into question anything from education to government to moral values.  The goal of asking any question should be to get an answer or to solve a problem. Sometimes, an answer can not be found without letting it marinate in the dish of thought and biased skepticism called our mind.  If you went out asked 1000 random people a philosophical question about life and returned in a week to collect their thoughts and views; you would find that a majority of answers are simply subjective opinions.  Is there any way to determine what is the right answer from these personally biased opinions thought to be truth? 

There are so many things in life that can be definitely decided upon.  Mathematics, measurements of weight and time, and anything that can be proven to certainty is not the problem in this instance.  Have you noticed that any question about immaterial beings or notions of non-material phenomenon are what lead us to the most heated and passionate arguments? 

On the subject of our own society and how this passion for arguing intangibles ties into it; I feel that we revolve our lives and energies around uncertainties.  We make our minds believe it is so, however there is still an uncertainty in ALL of our ideologies.  Think about how you go about your day.  Does your mind spend the most time using rational tools and aides such as mathematics or other critical thinking to occupy your time?  Not so much.  We pre-occupy our minds, in most cases, with questions we and everyone around us really can not answer.  “Why is my boss such a fucking dick?” “Why does time move so slow when I look at the clock?” “Oh, Irene is wearing the same jeans as Jessica, which one looks fatter?” “What the fuck am I doing here?” These are all questions that sit in our conscious all day long.  Do we ever find an answer to these questions?  Is there any need for these questions?  How did these questions permeate into something of relevant importance in our society (i.e. pop culture)? Even through our mass media, the questions presented and asked to us are most times so unanswerable that they can take up a half hour or even full hour just focusing on the multitude of plausible answers.  Nothing is ever accomplished either.  No knowledge is bestowed upon the audience, in fact, they were just inundated with opinions that will cloud judgement…thus slowing chipping away at individual decisions and free will. 

The right way to ask questions, if not to find a certain answer, is to ignite a desire for others to pursue the answers as well.  When you ask a question that ignites an interest in others, it influences others to spend at least one minute of their time to exploring deep areas of the mind not always in use.  When among our peers we need to change our conversations from the materialistic, formless topics to things that grow our intellect.  Not only would we become a generation of learners and seekers not seen for ages, but we would also be prepared and ready to rebuild the inheritance of injustice coming to us.  The world is flawed, we all know that.  Now is our chance to prepare for the future.  Staying in a single layer world is what will lead to the possible chance of humanity’s degeneration. Peel back the stratosphere, peel the dermis back, peel the pages, expose the truth and learn what truly can be done to keep us free…and alive.  Image


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