The Art Generation, lost but found…

So it seems ever more apparent that the youth of today is more focused on a sense of personal expression than a formal path of internalizing our views and opinions.  This is the growth of the human race, from a generation of the “machines” to a generation of “critical mass”. This is all good.  This is all great.  But have we lost the true purpose and essence of art itself?  Our world is full of art that appeals to every one of our senses from sight to taste.  We have art as food, or food as art.  We view porn and smut as art of sensuality.  We see hip hop as the art of the streets.  What makes up these ideas of art?  What is the true purpose of these variations and combinations of images and sounds to our progression to a higher humanity? 

Art is a reflection of what our parents and grandparents have left for us.  A deserted land filled with technology that will ultimately lead to a world of knowing the movements of each and every human being attached to a matrix network.  The omniscience of the eye that watches over us is increasing everyday.  Each and every day we are giving into the temptation of entertainment and a feeble attempt at expression in exchange for our freedoms, our privacy, and our culture as a youth. Our art of today is much the same as that of our ancestors.  The music reflects the energy, the mood, and the moral taste of the period…that much is so to this day.  Art reflects what we OUGHT to find value in, but long lost is what we truly found to be valuable.  We used to find the human touch and the wonder of human interaction to be so valuable and necessary to being a warm, empathetic human being.  Now we place our values on the tangibles. 

Tangible…able to be touched…material. Metaphysical materialism is us.  The world is made of matter; and thus, every single aspect and idea must be that founded by a tangible object.  No spirituality, you can’t believe in that because you have given that up for the life of materials.  You want to be materialistic?  Be able to go by the book and follow the philosophy.  There is no god if you believe in money.  There is no heaven or hell if you believe in CASH. Materialism cannot be contradicted.  Money is your god, it is your motivator, and you have no room for a “higher power” to influence your decisions.  Our pop culture sits there and contradicts everything revolving around the material life pushed on us.  Shut the fuck up with that Jesus piece, you are a walking contradiction.  If you believe in the money you can not have any other beliefs, it is just not possible.  Either you are bluffing on your true convictions, or money really does not mean anything but a piece of paper to you.  As we can see in our society, we are closer and closer to a pure materialistic world with NO spirituality or spiritual culture.  No more spirituality, no more religion, no more fights.  It will all work out in the end.  Even though our values are long gone and are only being lost more and more, we are eventually going to be rid of the religious battles that plagued the earth before our materialist ways were discovered.


Find your generation, Find your art and let loose.  Look at the world and listen to what it says to you.  Look at the environment and reflect that on the page, on the canvas, on the wall, or through your words.  We need to show people WHAT WE SEE.  The clouded lenses of our vision let us see the abstract problems and solutions that others cannot see.  We need to let them see.  We need to expose what is so obviously plaguing youth.  We need new values…Image


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