Youth: Public Enemy Number One…Part 1.

If you are a part of today’s youth, you are the target.  Everything is concentrated at you.  All of the slings and arrows of this perverted universe are slung directly at you, the target.  What is expected of us?  We never meant to do any harm, we were pushed to the edge and that is why we took society to the darkest and yet the shallowest depths it has ever seen.  Blanketed with the negativity of war and terror, fed drugs to numb the realities, and taught that suffering is inevitable.  Separated by the social hierarchy that is abstract but also so tangible and apparent at the same time.  This divide has led to an inverse outcome.  The sons and daughters brought up through privilege and opulence are generalized into a category of lazy, subconsciously entitled leeches.  The sons and daughters brought up through the American struggle and not the American dream are seen as the back breaking, disenfranchised savages that will claw their way to the top.  The names of the self made tycoons and blood lines of wealth now contradict the very principles they were built from.  Principles of labor, honesty, and ethical selfishness are gone for newer principles of take everything and leave them with nothing. 

What effect has the progression of treachery taught the youth of today? 

To be continued…


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