The forces against us all…

Last night I was in a fit of thought and realized some things about the concept of struggle and the effect it has on people.  I wrote about how the idea of, “what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger”, is false and it should read, “what doesn’t kill us, just pisses us off.”  As much as I want to take my personal bias out of my writings, I can not help but believe this to be true.  Struggle does not make anyone stronger, educating others and enlightening others is what makes us stronger.  Struggle, adversity, negativity just callouses our senses of empathy and makes us put out the very evil we despise.  I thought to myself that everywhere we look, we see excuses for wretched behavior.  The drug addicts blaming the struggles between family and finances.  The violent abusers who use their mothers and fathers as scapegoats.  The rapist and the murderers that blame the images of violence and sex that were force fed to them like all the rest of us. 

Maybe it is inevitable that adversity yields bitterness and contempt.  Maybe we can not stop those people from the hateful, perverted views of the world.  The point of me writing what I had intended to post on here was to simply disclaim a common quote.  I just wanted to voice my disagreement with the common notion that struggle produces better people is BULLSHIT. We have doomed ourselves from day one.  We have made it okay for struggle to be the scapegoat of all.  Struggle needs to educate and teach before struggle can destroy.  Too often we let struggle destroy people to rock bottom before we choose to learn from struggle.  Struggle should have unified us from the start…but instead it is the force dividing us all.


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